Noah Seymour

  • Bachelor in Games Development, Major: Design

  • Well experienced with C#

  • 4+ years experience with Unity

  • Painter



Do you ever feel like you are just beginning to scratch the surface of your understanding and experience in something and that there are endless possibilities of exploration to be done?  This is Noah Seymour.  They are inspired and passionate about finding different ways of experiencing real life blended with virtual reality and to continue to push the boundaries of what has been possible to this point and then push the boundaries some more.  


Born in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Noah faithfully committed himself to all things creative. Noah’s passions began early on in their life in their first game experience of playing Halo.  It was the experiences created in that game that captured their interest. A matter of months later a friend introduced him to Minecraft which spurred an interest in making games. After realising there were people behind the scenes making the games, they thought ‘I could do it too’ but now says they were clearly dreaming.  But after meeting game designer Zac Fitz-Walter, they realised they wanted to design games, not program them. Playing guitar in their early years and then moving onto novice acting in a friends film making efforts, they learned the importance of all the facets of creativity coming together to create something inspirational and connect people to their feelings.  Later in high school Noah began writing short stories with the desire to pull people in and evoke the same feelings that the main character is experiencing.  The creative juices were stirred more when Noah learnt about colour compositions in painting, stage lighting design to compliment the ambient music and Audio Visual Display.


Game design is what Noah has always wanted to do. Their goal is to cause people to feel. The particular emotion is not important, but the act of making the player feel is what they desire.  They feel a great importance on storytelling within the space of video games and they believe that it is within this importance that my skills will be best expressed. They find that game design is centred around the psychology, thought processes, and impulse motivations of the players. They believe if you can understand these motivations about a player, environments, mechanics and stories can be created that influence the player in any desired way.


Noah Seymour is a Game Designer with a passion for delivering a specific and desired experience to the player. Just beginning their exploration of Game Design, Noah is eager to explore possibilities of the use of Virtual Reality and Game Design.   With all the excitement of spine tingling storytelling and clever design you will be guaranteed to be drawn in and feel emotion to greater depths.